Message from Secretary General
On behalf of the DIAMUN team, I welcome you to the third annual session of Dubai International Academy Model United Nations. I am proud to inform you that DIAMUN is now a THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) affiliated conference

MUN brings together people from different backgrounds and beliefs and whilst advocating a spirit of teamwork, it also serves as a platform for promoting better understanding amongst various cultures.
Debating a wide range of issues during these conferences not only reinforces our sense of social responsibility towards our society, but is also vital in shaping today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

In the rapidly advancing technological world we live in today, this year’s theme, “The Advancement of Technology” is very aptly chosen to explore the increasingly significant impact that technology has on our world today. The multitude of issues that are generated as a consequence will assure us of a stimulating conference.

I trust that, in keeping with the precedent established from previous conferences, we will all emerge successful in our own missions in this year’s conference as well.

As this year’s Secretary General, I anticipate that all delegates, student officers, MUN directors and all others involved in DIAMUN 2011, will leave the conference with constructive resolutions, long lasting friendships, a sense of accomplishment and a passion for change. I hope to see all your hard work and preparation come to fruition in facilitating a productive and dynamic conference. Let DIAMUN 2011 bring out the best in you.
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