Women and Development:
Investing in our future
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Ashish Tharoor
Secretary General
With great honor I, Ashish Tharoor, the Secretary General along with Dubai International Academy and the DIAMUN Executive team, would like to welcome you to the eighth annual Model United Nations at Dubai International Academy

The beauty of MUN is the exposure to global issues, leadership and diplomacy that every member of DIAMUN strives to achieve. It is our pleasure to introduce 3 phenomenal new committees this year; the Youth Assembly, wherein juniors with a keen interest in the conference may gain more experience to debate with older delegates, The Special Conference in Arabic, a committee where debate is held in Arabic, and lastly the Advisory Panel Question (APQ).

The theme for DIAMUN 2016 is Women and Development: Investing In Our Future. This year our theme focuses on two critical aspects of the world we live in today. With gender equality being one of the most popularly discussed issues in our community, women empowerment and gender equality will constitute as an integral focus of our theme. Such empowerment promotes complete economic growth across all sectors and thus creates strong economies that subsequently improve the quality of life for members of communities as a whole. Simultaneously, the theme focuses on investing in the well being of our generation today, on the basis that the youth are the future of tomorrow.

Combined, DIAMUN 2016's theme explores the effects on economic, social and political aspects of the international community. DIAMUN 2016 ensures you that each and every student involved in the conference will have a unique experience and enjoy the conference beyond expectations.

As Colin Powell once said, "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand." With that, I wish each and every honourable chair, delegate, admin member or press member the best of luck and hope that you cherish each and every moment of the conference.
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