It is with utmost honour and pride that I, Gautam Raj, Secretary General of DIAMUN 2020, welcome you to the 12th annual Model United Nations conference at Dubai International Academy.

Our theme for this year’s conference is “Redesigning the Future through Universal Collaboration.” In recent years, issues ranging from poverty and disease to climate change and political polarization have increased manifold. These concerns stand in the way of a hopeful future. Though action has been taken recently, the situations plaguing our world are far from over. 

We are the generation responsible for the future and it is imperative that we become the change we wish to see in a more developed world. We must unite to achieve this common goal and simply start by initiating discussion on these pressing matters. It is only when we understand one another’s viewpoints that we can start making a transition into a world for us all; a world for the future. This theme serves to inspire delegates to shift their point of view from “my world” to “our world” and “my future” to “our future” as we begin to recognize and appreciate the importance of collaboration in an everchanging world.

Inspired by our host city, Dubai and the upcoming Expo 2020 that brings together pioneers around the world, we have decided to introduce two new committees: the World Health Summit (WHS) and the United Nations Special Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNSCSTD). The WHS is a committee that encompasses the overall theme of redesigning the future with a focus on setting a comprehensive framework for sustainable development and an emphasis on healthcare and medical-related issues. With a stronger medical framework, the disaster of disease and low-quality healthcare can be eradicated for a better future. On the other hand, the UNSCSTD is a subsidiary of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. This committee serves the integral purpose of redesigning our future through innovation in the multidisciplinary fields of science and technology.

The United Nations was created with the intent of tackling world issues and fostering peace through cooperation and communication. This is done through negotiation, diplomacy and discussion which is what MUN emulates. DIAMUN, like all MUN conferences, has a unique ability to unify students from different cultural backgrounds to collaborate towards a unified goal. With over a 1000 of the world’s most open-minded, innovative and motivated young global leaders in attendance, DIAMUN is the ultimate platform to develop the skills we need to make an impact on our world and future.

To paraphrase freedom fighter Malcom X, I view MUN as “the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” It is my hope that delegates participating in this year’s conference recognize the significance our generation has over the actions that shape our future. Our world is not perfect and we should not expect it to be; but if we can take a single step towards a better tomorrow, we can start building a better world, today.

One way to take a step forward is to attend DIAMUN 2020. I invite you to be a part of this inspiring, influential and innovative platform which we, here at Dubai International Academy, pride ourselves on. With that, I wish to see you, a future global leader, at DIAMUN 2020.


Gautam Raj

Secretary General



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